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Quality Packaging Europe AB offers high-quality flexible materials, foil on a roll, printed resealable zipper bags, sachées adapted for all types of food from lower volumes with digital printing or larger volumes in flexo/rotogravure depending on what is required.

We also have the markets widest range of unprinted storage bags in over 400 variants and sizes from 3g – 5k.

The Q-pack mission is to help the customer to adapt the packaging to their wishes, instead of the customer normally receiving a standard packaging and adapting their product to this.

Our goal is to be the most flexible and most service-oriented partner and with quick answers and expertise help the customer find the optimal packaging and print for their product, which means that the customer gets a better selling product.

Our packaging covers small and large needs, with the barrier properties that give the product the best durability. The combinations of prints and materials make the possibilities almost endless and all packaging can be adapted to your specific needs.

Our lead times are from:

2-5 weeks for printing foil on roll depending on volume.

3-8 weeks for stand up pouches bags depending on edition.

7-12 weeks for flatbottom bags.

Feel free to contact us if you want to order or have questions about our flexible packaging.

1) Flexible packaging for food
We offer the best packaging options for your products and always start from the product’s requirements for material properties and safety.

We have access to a wide range of laminates/materials, which provides many combination options and a guarantee of long durability and a high-quality print on all materials.

This way, we can guarantee a high value for our customers.

Examples of products: Dietary supplements, different types of superfoods, powder sauces and condiments, nuts, sweets and chocolate, olives, cakes, cereals, sugar, chips and snacks, pasta, rice, soups, coffee and tea, bakery and patisserie, drinks, fish and seafood, meat, cheese and sausages, fruits and vegetables, feed, frozen products such as shrimp, scallops, etc.

2) Flexible packaging for frozen
The packaging for frozen foods requires special properties. Above all, regarding welding, temperature, machinability and resistance to shocks and cuts, this so that the packaging does not crack from the cold when using the wrong materials.

3) Digitally printed materials
Q-pack has the opportunity to help you with a new revolutionary technology with digital printing for flexible materials. With a water-based lamination technology and an efficient conversion technology we can offer you custom printed bags and sachets or film on roll from the market lowest volume for all conceivable products, with short lead time compared to traditional printing technology. This is an excellent way when there are several variants for ex. some tests of new products, launches or where speed is of importance.

4) Flexo printing
Flexo printing is suitable for slightly larger larger volumes than digital printing, print up to 9 or 10 colors + enemal paint.

5) Flexible packaging for food
We have products for;

  • Yogurt/milk; innovative applications for refrigerated shelves.
  • Commercial kitchens and the restaurant industry; products that can retain heat, resist heat and withstand a microwave oven.
  • Cheese; Fresh products have a greater need to preserve their properties, while at the same time being attractive packaging.
  • Fish/Shellfish; Seafood requires special packaging to maintain aroma, taste and color.
  • Fruit & vegetables; Fruits and vegetables require more and more special conditions to preserve taste, smell and appearance. Especially when it comes to so-called “Cut-products”, i.e. products that are fully or partially processed.
  • Sausage; Different types of sausages require different materials. Dried, fresh, boiled or smoked. Should it be aired? Preserved? We have products for all needs.

6) Rotogravure is for larger editions or prints where a print of photo quality is required, print up to 11 colors.

7) Packaging for beverages for each bottle of jar, so called sleeves.

8) Contact us to find innovative products and solutions that best suit your needs.

Quality Packaging Europe works to create a greener future by developing sustainable packaging solutions and replacing energy-intensive materials such as cans in glass, metal and hard plastic.

What is sustainable packaging?

Flexible packaging is unique in that its durable properties contribute to producing less waste in the first place. By choosing flexible packaging over more traditional packaging formats such as glass, hard plastic and metal, you are already taking steps to reduce landfill, greenhouse gases and surplus consumption of raw materials. Q-pack has taken the concept of sustainable packaging a step further and has developed a number of different materials that can be used as an alternative to standard mixed plastic laminates. This means that we can offer the market environmentally friendly packaging that is suitable for composting or recycling.

We meet all needs with high quality products