Resealable zippers of different quality, from simple std zipper to special powder zipper with velcro / velcro closure

Laser score for straight tear-off and easy-to-open bag

Choose between a simpler standard zipper to close your bag or an easy-to-use velcro / velcro to maintain the product’s freshness & scent

påse med parabolbotten
påse med k-seal-botten

Parabollic or K-seal bottom of the bag, which is better?

Depending on the volume you pack, we can offer you a parabollic or k-seal bottom. Our parabollic bottom is standard on our storage bags and is suitable for lighter products.

In a special manufacture, you can choose k-seal for the bag which gives you a larger volume on the same outer dimensions and is more stable and durable for higher weight. If you use a k-seal bottom, we can make the bag smaller in size against the parabollic bottom and thus reduce the price of the bag as it consumes less material.


Velcro / velcro closure fits perfectly with different types of powder, e.g. whey protein where you do not want the powder to leak into the training bag or in the kitchen drawer at home if the bag overturns. The barbs prevent the zipper from opening as easily as a standard zipper. Round corners to avoid sharp edges

This practical and stylish function avoids any damage that can be caused by sharp corners, which improves the usability of the packaging

sidosömspåse havregryn


Increase consumer engagement with your product by including a clear or frosted window in your bag design

If you want the customer to be able to see your product. We have standard bags with windows, during manufacture we can design the window according to your wishes, contact us and we can tell you more!

All our bags are manufactured with the highest quality materials in our BRC-ISO accredited production facility