Our packaging

Quality Packaging Europe has the opportunity to help you with a revolutionary technology with digital printing, water-based lamination technology and an efficient conversion technology to offer you customized, printed standing bags and sachets or film on a roll from 500 for all conceivable products

We also have 100% recyclable and compostable materials

Printed bags

Digital printing provides endless opportunities for marketing. Test new products before they are launched on a larger scale and if you have several different products in smaller volumes, this is a fast and efficient way to produce in a short time

In addition, HP Mosaic technology allows us to create bags with non-repetitive design patterns – each bag is unique!

Click on any size to download a template for a digitally printed bag in pdf-format

All our stock bags

With white or brown paper, we will give your products a natural feel and look, while with either matte or glossy material you can achieve metallic effects
gul ståpåse med fönster

Stand up pouch

Versatile and practical bag that is popular for many food and non-food products

Flatbottom bag

Robust and stable bag, which makes it perfect for products with a larger volume

3-sided bag

A practical alternative to mold filling and sealing packaging

Side gusset bag

The sides give the bag a large volume and are perfect for coffee, tea, nuts and powder mixtures

Spout pouches

Resealable bag that is ideal for packing all types of liquids

Recyclable bag

Made of 100% recyclable plastic and is perfect for all types of food

Vacuum bag

Ensures product quality by maintaining color, aroma, taste and nutritional value


Our “bak2Earth” biobags are 100% biodegradable standing bags in kraft paper

Energy bars

Ready-made packaging for Energy Bars that will give your product a long shelf life

Measuring spoons

When you need to measure a product, we have spoons in 24 different sizes

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