Energy bars

Ready-made packaging for Energy bars, which gives your product a long shelf life

energi bars med klar påse


We help you choose the right material based on your products’ barrier requirements for UV protection, oxygen and water penetration. To preserve the smell and taste of sensitive products, we use different barrier properties in the material used, depending on whether the bag is glossy / matte / paper


 Here you will find all the dimensions that are available for our energy bar packages

Energy Bar Packaging
Available Color Not Available Color
30-50g 40-60g 50-70g
ultra clear
brown kraft paper
Energy Bar Packaging
Size Dimensions
W x H x G (mm)
30-50g 70 x 130 x 0
40-60g 60 x 155 x 0
50-70g 80 x 155 x 0


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