Measuring spoons

When you need to measure a product, we have spoons in 24 different sizes

blåa måttskedar


The measuring spoons are available in clear and blue. Click below to see photos.


Here you will find all the measurements available for our measuring spoons

If you need spoons in different sizes, we have a complete range of measuring spoons from 1ml up to 250ml in three different designs
Measuring Spoons
1 ml
2.5 ml
5 ml
6 ml
7.5 ml
10 ml
15 ml
18 ml
20 ml
25 ml
30 ml
35 ml
50 ml
60 ml
65 ml
70 ml
75 ml
80 ml
85 ml
94 ml
100 ml
125 ml
150 ml
250 ml


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