Side gusset bag / Central seal gusset from 250g - 1kg

The side gusset bag / central seal gusset bag provides a large printing surface and filling volume. The sides give the bag a large volume and make them easy to pack coffee and tea, powder mixtures and nuts in

Large front and back panels that are ideal for labeling or printing directly in manufacturing to promote your brand

Used with advantage for packing of: Powders and granules, Muesli and similar products, Salt, Sugar, Coffee, Tea, Spices and Pet food

Svart sidosömspåse


We help you choose the right material based on your products’ barrier requirements for UV protection, oxygen and water penetration. To preserve the smell and taste of sensitive products, we use different barrier properties in the material used, depending on whether the bag is glossy / matte / paper

Colors and dimensions

Here you will find all the colors and dimensions that are available for our side gusset bags

Side gusset bags (no zipper) with or without valve
Available Color Not Available Color
Front Back 100g 250g 500g 1 kg 2 kg 3 kg
brown paper brown paper
matt black matt black
matt white matt white
matt gold matt gold
matt silver matt silver
shiny black shiny black
shiny white shiny white
shiny gold shiny gold
Side Gusset Bags
Size Dimensions
W x H x G (mm)
100 g 70 x 210 x 15
250 g 80 x 260 x 25
500 g 85 x 360 x 30
1 kg 135 x 390 x 40
2 kg 170 x 495 x 55
3 kg 210 x 510 x 55


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